Woven Labels are the most common solution for branding in the clothing industry. They are widely used on purses, luggage, rugs, towels, toys, promotional items, bedding etc., too. Such labels are widely chosen since they are pretty economical. Woven labels are very durable and launders better in the long run compared to printed labels. One of our core competencies is the preparing of advanced weaving matrix and the production of highly complicated tailor-made woven labels. Besides, all our woven labels are certified with OEKO-TEX®. You can read more on that on the page “Quality“.

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Wanna know more before ordering? On this page you can learn more about our woven labels such as about techniques and materials, yarn possibilities as well as details on cut and requirements for your artworks. Furthermore, you can find below our photo gallery for woven labels where you can take a look at the different possibilities.

Techniques and Materials

Polyester Damask (Symbol: PD)

The most common type of woven labels is polyester damask. It enables a superior quality compared to the older taffeta technique. Damask is made up of polyester yarn, which comes in hundreds of colors, making color matching with your desired artwork an easy job for us. Weft resolution is the most important factor for the defining of the fine details of the artwork with precision. For PD labels we apply a weaving matrix with a resolution of 50-60 wefts per square centimeter using a polyester yarn with about 70 denier (thickness / weight of the thread).

Ultra High Definition Polyester Damask (Symbol: UHD)

We recommend our UHD polyester damask woven labels for superior quality products in low-volume projects. The only difference between UHD and PD is the higher weft resolution. For UHD labels we use a resolution of 80-110 weft per square centimeter which is also up to the artwork used. Furthermore, we use yarns with lower deniers between 30-50. This is another factor which defines the higher resolution. There are some limitations to use UHD such as the number of colors.

Satin (Symbol: Sat)

Satin woven labels use a polyester based lustrous thread which is soft and smooth. They give a nice look as it has a subtle sheen. Good quality results can be produced using a single needle or broad loom set-up. Satin labels have a lower resolution compared to PD and UHD labels having a weaving matrix with a resolution of 30-50 weft per square centimeter.

Woven Edge (Symbol: +WoEd)

Woven edge (needle loom) is a sub-group of PD labels. The difference is that these labels have a woven edge for a smoother edge. This is mainly because of aesthetic reasons or so they do not scratch when it rubs on the skin. Woven edge is not applicable on UHD or satin labels.

Yarn Possibilities

Number of Yarn Colors (Symbol: 2C, 3C…)

It is possible to use up to eight colors (8C) in a single woven label. Hundreds of colors are available with different techniques. We are working with PANTONE® Textile Color System in terms of design and production but can match your system or desired color, too. Generally, if the number of yarn colors exceeds four, UHD labels are not possible.

Lurex Yarn (Symbol: +L)

We have numerous colors of Lurex yarn you can choose from. Many customers rely on the conventional silver and gold Lurex yarn. Such yarns gives your label a shinny touch.

Raw Cotton Yarn (Symbol: +Cot)

Woven labels weaved with raw cotton yarns are very soft. It is possible to use 100 % organic cotton yarns in the production. We are able to use different weaving techniques in weaving with cotton yarns. Such labels are widely chosen by our customers who produces children or underwear garments and/or all organic products. Furthermore, we can also combine raw cotton and polyester yarns in custom applications.

Folding Options

We are able to offer you labels as pre-folded with any possible folding style. You can use woven label configurator to order labels with end-folding, center-folding, manhattan-folding, mitre-folding, longitudinal-end-folding and straight cut. If you are into straight cut, we still recommend you to order end-folding instead, in order to have smoother edges. You can still sew all four sides by keeping the flops (sewing allowances) of the end-folding under the label. Furthermore, we are also able to offer you custom laser cut or deliver the labels on roll. Please contact us for these alternatives.

End Fold (Symbol: EF)

Center Fold (Symbol: CF)

Longitudinal End Fold (Symbol: LEF)

Manhattan Fold (Symbol: MAF)

Mitre Fold (Symbol: MIF)

Straight Cut (Symbol: SC)

Artworks for Woven Labels

If you are providing a final design of your label please allow for a margin of 4 mm (~0,158 inch) around the edges for sewing (allowance) if there is no edge folding. Ensure that the size of the text / logo in your design is at least 2 mm (~0,079 inch) high. You can read more on the upload of your artworks on the page “Order Process“.