Hangtags are attached to garments or other pieces of merchandise to include a variety of information, like the name of the designer or manufacturer, care instructions or the fabric or material used for an item. Sometimes they also include the price information. Many of our customers prefer to use extra barcode stickers on the hangtags which give them more flexibility. As an industry standard many end customers expect to find a hangtag on the products and their purchasing decisions are greatly influenced by the hangtags. If the hangtags seem cheap and / or inadequate, this may inadvertently convey to customers that your products are substandard and your brand image could be ruined as well. Common marketing approach is differentiating the hangtag from other similar brands on the market. This way hangtag / swing ticket can stand out on the product and attract as well as inform the end customers.

Wanna know more before ordering? On this page you can learn more about our printing techniques. Furthermore you will learn about our basic and special papers and requirements for your artworks. In addition to that, below you can find our photo gallery for customized hangtags where you can take a look at the different possibilities.

Printing Techniques

Conventional Offset(Offset Lithography) Printing (Symbol: OP)

Colors: up to 4 colors or CMYK (unlimited colors). See frequently used colors “here“.

In the offset technique a printing plate is used which contains an image of the artwork that needs to be printed. When the plate is inked, only the image part holds ink and ink will be subsequently transferred from the plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. The process can be only used if the substrate (paper, cardboard etc.) have a flat surface.

Silk-Screen (Serigraphy) Printing (Symbol: SP)

Colors: up to 2 colors. See frequently used colors “here“.

Conventional offset process can only be used for flat papers such as silk coated paper or bristol paper. Since some fancy or special natural papers are more porous, silkscreen printing technique is used for a better result. In silk-screen printing a design is imposed on a screen with fine blank areas coated with an impermeable substance. Ink is forced into the mesh openings by the fill blade and by wetting the substrate, transferred onto the printing paper during the blade stroke. As the screen rebounds away from the paper the ink remains on the paper surface. One color is printed at a time, so several screens should be used to produce a label with multiple colors. Therefore, we recommend this technique for single or double color labels.

Papers & Custom Materials

We are cooperating with the most respected paper mills worldwide. Our suppliers include but not limited to Antalis, Fedrigoni, Sappi, Cordenons, Favini, Clariana, J. Vilaseca, Prado… We can fulfill your special paper requests from these producers. Furthermore, we have more than 400 different papers always in stock. We have prepared three catalogs for our in-stock papers which can be inspected in our showroom or at the exhibitions we are attending, too.

Many designers request to make a more unique touch to their hangtags to stand out from the crowd. In this regard we can combine or solely use other elements made of materials such as silicon, PVC, glass, metal accessories, horn, rubber, nubuck etc. We are always happy to discuss possibilities in terms of exotic materials and techniques.

For your custom order you can choose between basic and special papers. Basic papers to print on with the offset printing technique are:

  • American Bristol 300 gsm (same pricing as kraft paper)
  • American Bristol 350 gsm (same pricing as kraft paper)
  • American Bristol 400 gsm (same pricing as kraft paper)
  • American Bristol 600 gsm (2 ply) (same pricing as kraft paper)
  • American Bristol 800 gsm (2 ply) (same pricing as kraft paper)
  • Silk Coated Paper 300 gsm
  • Silk Coated Paper 350 gsm
  • Silk Coated Paper 380 gsm

Special papers to print on with the silk-screen printing technique:

  • Natural Black 300 gsm
  • Natural Black 350 gsm
  • Natural Black 400 gsm (2 ply)
  • Natural Black 450 gsm (2 ply)
  • Plike 300 gsm (black, red, deep navy, white)
  • Plike 330 gsm (black, red, deep navy, white)
  • Plike 600 gsm 2 ply (black, red, deep navy, white)
  • Natural Ivory 320 gsm
  • Natural Ivory 640 gsm 2 ply

If the paper you are looking for is not listed, please choose “Special Papers – Others” and specify your selection.  For kraft papers please choose the desired thickness with the “American Bristol” paper but please note we only print by silk-screen on kraft papers, therefore only choose up to 2 colors.

Finishing Techniques

You can order your custom made hangtags with the followings finishing techniques: cellophane lamination, matt or glossy foiling,
emboss or deboss effect, (spot) UV print, metal eyelet as well as special die-cut or laser cut. You cannot customize your swing ticket with a desired special-die cut or laser cut using our online configurator. For such customization and finishing techniques please get in touch with us for a pricing quotation.

Cellophane Lamination

Matt & Glossy Foiling

Emboss & Deboss Effect

UV Print


Special die-Cut and Laser Cut


This gallery exhibits a selection from our previous hangtag projects. If you would like to inspect them in detail, you can zoom in by clicking on them. We can apply any technique used here for your hangtags as well.